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Phoenix Power can supply bypass switches ranging from simple rack mounted 3KVA plug and play bypass switches through to bespoke parallel system wrap round bypass panels for very large three phase UPS systems. Our panels are manufactured to the highest of standards and user requested safety systems (such as castle key protections) can be designed and built into the panels.


Phoenix Power can manufacture high quality DC isolators for any DC system from small 9Ah systems through to very large multiple battery bank systems. Where convenient we use MCBs but for larger systems we supply panels with removable fuses for safety and of course for commercial viability.


SNMP Interfaces allow the UPS to communicate with the user’s network via its own IP address. The user can then monitor and even control the UPS functionality from the network. Mail and mobile text alerts can be set up to warn the user of any out of the ordinary event involving the UPS or its supply. All our UPS units have the facility of slots to accommodate and power the SNMP card.

AS400 0V Contact relay cards

These cards send closed or open circuit connections to Building monitoring systems (BMS). Dependent on the relay set up, there can be multiple circuits monitoring the UPS and sending error signals to the user.


Remote Panels can be connected to the UPS where it might be ‘out of site’ and the user requires to monitor and control the UPS remotely. Most remote panels are connected via small network cables but modern panels also now have the facility for Bluetooth connectivity.

Battery Temperature Logger

Loggers are connected across one of the batteries in the UPS battery bank. Whilst drawing next tp no current they log the temperature at the battery on a regular interval. At a service visit the log is downloaded and can be produced as a spreadsheet or graph for the customer. Any temperature issues can then be discussed and resolved. Phoenix Power mainly use the YUASA temperature logger as this has proved to be reliable and unobtrusive

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