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Salicru SLC Twin Pro 700VA to 20000VA

SLC TWIN PRO: The solution for maximum On-line protection
Covering a wide range of powers from 700 VA to 20 kVA, Salicru’s SLC TWIN PRO series gives maximum reliability in electrical protection for businesses and industry. With its double conversion On-line technology, the most reliable technology on the market, the SLC TWIN PRO series is a single phase output UPS (with single phase input from 700 VA to 20 kVA and three-phase input from 8 kVA to 20 kVA), with an output power factor of 0.9 (1), broad communication options via interface + monitoring/automatic file closing shutdown software, batteries for standard autonomy integrated in the cabinet itself.


Salicru SLC Twin RT 700VA to 10000VA

SLC TWIN RT: Continuous protection for critical systems
Salicru’s SLC TWIN RT series is a double conversion On-line UPS with an output power factor of 0.9, which can be turned into tower or rack format and can be set up in parallel (1). The powers range is from 700 VA to 10 kVA. The rack format is highly compact (with batteries included) and comprises 2U of up to 3 kVA, 3U of 4 to 6 kVA and just 5U for powers of 8 and 10 kVA.


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